Timothy B Haines came West in 1978 out of St. Lawrence University NY Fine Arts School, where he he specialized in color design and complexity.  Tim started painting by working for Viking Construction. In 1984 he launched T B Haines Painting Company.  He enjoys the large canvases that house painting provides.  His artistic talent surfaces as he helps clients select their colors.  His creativity makes him popular with designers.


The light in a room changes from hour to hour.  With it the color of the walls changes from warmer to cooler depending on the ingredients in the formula of the paint.  Tim has been a special finishes tester for Sherman Williams for many years, often premiering unique products to designers and homeowners.

Tim masters the challenges involved in selecting the right colors and special finishes for interior and exterior homes.  His in depth knowledge of suitable products for surfaces guarantees the longest lasting, most beautiful application.

Interiors and exteriors.  T B Haines Painting applies the expertise of an experienced painter to every surface.  Important homes need maintenance and repair on occasion.  Insurance restoration requires careful attention to quality standards and guidelines.  Materials used are very important for durability.

His expertise with Marmorino Marble Finishes, Venetian Plasters, Lacquers and Wood Graining have made him the "go to guy" with Home Designers.  For many years T B Haines Painting has been working with builders, clients and designers to create interesting and durable surface coatings.  Wood graining cabinets make them like new and transforms a room.  Marmorino marble finishes add luxurious depth to any room.  Venetian Plaster gives a warm lively look to exterior and interior walls.  Special lacquers and other finishes make a home unique and elegant.